Close your eyes and join us on a journey…
Terræaltrove, italian experience

Terræaltrove is a project that was born thanks to a great love for Italy and a desire to share all it has to offer—unique in its genre, Italy is a melting pot of identities, passion, and creativity, with a fresh straightforwardness, simplicity, and tradition that is closely linked to the past.

Terræaltrove collects all Italy has to offer and promotes it through the world, offering a range of truly excellent handmade, artisanal food products and high-quality handicrafts that are all the result of a fine balance between the environmental and cultural diversity Italy boasts while respecting both the environment and producers.

Terræaltrove is in each and every one of us dreamers who take in the changing colors of our landscapes and who bring the riches of our untouched lands to the rest of the world by offering the best in typical artisanal products, recipes, stories and aromas.