Italian Landscapes

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This project was born as an unexpected result of a trip through Italy that started a long time ago and continues up until this very day. It is the result of extensive personal research and the search for stories, people and other unique qualities the Bel Paese has to offer.
This free-form process of research is what has led to the discovery of extremely diverse populations and traditions, separated by hundreds of kilometers, but whose stories and histories, urban development and high-quality production values unite them. Even more so however, what unites these people is the land.
These are places where borders between regions, provinces, North and South, are inconsequential; instead, these people have much in common, from the fishermen in the Tyrrhenian Sea to those in the Ionian Sea, from a Sardinian shepherd to an Abbruzzese one, from a Tuscan farmer to a Venetian one.
According to this structure, we’ve divided our beautiful country into four overarching landscape categories for your reading pleasure:
River Landscapes
Coastal Landscapes
Mountain Landscapes
Valley Landscapes
Each landscape tells the story of travels throughout Italy, from the hiking trails in the Alps to the Aspromonte mountain in Calabria, from the shores of the River Po to the banks of the Tiber, collecting all the uniqueness each location has to offer from aromas to flavors, to historic recipes and ingredients and telling the story of every person we met along the way.