Mountain Landscapes

Terræaltrove, italian experience

These mountain landscapes feature a diversity seen only in paintings, from the deep stretching valleys to the high mountain tops, each seems to be drawn with the broad stroke of an artist’s touch. Altitude is boss here, determining everything from forest types, to culture, to architecture and jobs. The leafy green fields give way to dense coniferous forests filled with pine and beech wood trees, which themselves are pierced with rocky green mountains.
The Italian mountainside is poetic — a mix of silence and noise, unexpected and exposed. The wood from its trees is masterfully worked to create utensils and work tools. However, this manual labor turns to artistic engineering when craftsmen and carpenters blend wood and rock to build churches and lodges. The typical homes in these types of landscapes that pepper the entire peninsula are quite similar from one to the next, featuring wide, sloping rooves, thick walls and small windows, and on the ground floor you almost always hear the sounds of mooing and whimpering that come from the stables.
New technologies for the keeping of livestock allow for the respect of ancient tradition while protecting the resources available on the farms. To this day, the farmer’s main priorities are that of keeping stables warm, drying the hay for grazing and protecting their herds.
This category tells the stories of shepherds and carpenters, moving to the beat of the bagpipe, keeping warm by the wood-burning stove or fireplace, will an embroiderer works on a lace pillow in the corner. These are landscapes where time seems to stand still, silence reigns, and man witnesses the spectacle of nature.