Valley Landscapes

Terræaltrove, italian experience

The valley never rests. It forever chases the clock, valley dwellers must observe the phases of the moon, fight looming hailstorms, plant next season’s seeds, or harvest the fields by twilight. These workers never seem to run out of energy, working day and night, in a highly organized, meticulous fashion.
Despite their diversity, each valley offers breathtaking horizons; seen from above, they are a puzzle of colorful squares and spaces where streams and canals pierce the earth creating a mosaic of fields and orchards rich with fruit trees, wheat, and pastures. Here one may find many a farm, homestead and manor from Emilia-Romagna to Lombardy and beyond, which are as inherent to daily life today as they were in yesteryear.
These lands, nestled between mountains or bordering the sea, have historically been key settlements, welcoming families thanks to the riches they offer in terms of harvest, daily life and commerce. As a result of the slow progress of nature, these valleys, whether alluvial or volcanic in nature, sloping or flat, create unique territories that are key to Italian life, from the Pianura Padana to the North or the Tavoliere in the “boot” part of the country, Apulia, to the Valdichiana valley or the Plains of Catania in Sicily.