our mission

Terræaltrove, italian experience

terrae altrove ® is an innovative project that aims to showcase the excellence of high-quality Italian food, beverage and handicrafts, as well as the diversity of the country by highlighting its traditions and culture. Our products and artisanal know-how are the protagonists of this project that tell the story of the Italian way of life.

Our philosophy is enriched by the riches of the land and the skill of those who work it, transform it and highlight its uniqueness. This is why, in addition to our guarantee on quality and eco-friendliness, we guarantee working with a solid network of producers in a fair-trade manner offering an alternative to big business.

Our main goals are, on the one hand, to protect the consumer by promoting greater knowledge of the territory of origin of food products and agricultural processes, as well as ensuring greater nutritional value. On the other, we also aim to guarantee economic, environmental and social sustainability for each territory with which we work.

Our strategy is to unite a big network of producers and companies, who despite each respecting their own processes, encourage the development of new international business models through agreements that challenge current players. This business model is streamlined, flexible and highly specialized in outsourcing to provide a more globalized vision of the market, while respecting the highest standards of quality. The cornerstone of the project is e-commerce and digital marketing, with which we will pair other promotional projects such as co-marketing and participation in various events and fairs.