by Giovanni Nicola Ermini

Alpe Della Luna a beautiful sacred-like region has been home to countless treasures for centuries. Wayfarers and stagecoaches used to journey along Via Major to reach the plains of Romagna. In this region raids were all too frequent, but equally as common were the number of crevices and recesses in which to hide the stolen riches in the forest.

One hot summer’s night, a group of stage coaches carrying coffee were speeding along the mountain ridge when they were ambushed by bandits and the treasures were hidden deep within the forest. Several months later as the citizens revolted, they combed the Alpe mountain massif high and low in search of the thieves. However, once they had been captured they refused to reveal the location of their hidden treasures. And so, the hidden coffee stayed somewhere deep in the forest, never to be found. Legend has it that every spring the trees give off the rich scent of coffee.

Nowadays, the last of the charcoal-burners that work in the area who turn the forest wood into coal, fill the valley’s air with aromas of beech wood, juniper, and for the most discerning of visitors, even with the same rich scent of coffee from long ago.