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CELESTE Prosecco DOC – Extra dry

Appellation: Extradry PROSECCO D.O.C.
Label: Gori Montini & Terræ Altrove
Made in: Conegliano – Treviso
Year: 2016
Alcohol Content: 11,5% vol.
Grape Variety: Glera
Serving Temperature: 8 /10 °C.
Territory and Vineyard: Nestled between the mountains and low-lying valleys, Conegliano is a stop-over town on the way to Friuli in northern Italy, making it a strategic city since its conception. The vineyards belonging to this Prosecco D.O.C. region are located between the towns of Conegliano itself, Valdobbiadene and Pieve di Soligo, which together form the holy trinity of Prosecco. The soils here are rich in clay and limestone while the vineyards are strictly hand-harvested.
Flavour Profile: Straw-coloured with a green tinge, fine yet persistent perlage, with notes of white-fleshed fruit and a creamy flavour featuring lingering fruity acidity.
Winemaking Process: The grapes are lightly pressed to extract the free-run juice, followed by the static decantation method and then fermented in a temperature-controlled setting
Aging: Celeste is aged in stainless steel tanks
Refermentation Process: Temperature-controlled cuvée close refermentation with wild yeast for 60 days
Bottling: Isobaric bottling with sterilized filtration
Suggested Wine Pairings: Makes a wonderful drink for a pre-dinner cocktail or Italian aperitivo. Pairs especially well with light pasta or rice dishes, fish, crudité and sushi
Packaging: Bell-shaped 75 cl bottle
Label inspiration: The label design features a sort of dual representation of the area. On the one hand its smooth graphic lines recall the rolling hills of Treviso, while on the other it reminds us of the cool winds that blow over the Prosecco wine region from the Alps.

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